How to Use Your Offline Network to Increase Online Sales

Long ago, I used to be one of those people who believed that the offline world and the online world were two separate entities and never should they meet. The more that I studied, the more I realized that philosophy didn't make sense and that I could generate online sales through offline means. After all, the website was just another way to talk with people, right?

In fact, our world is so connected that there are many real life conversations which begin, 'Hey, did you see what I posted on my Facebook page?' Even Baby Boomers have been captivated by the web. So, the question was asked, ‘How can we fully integrate the two worlds for maximum exposure and maximum sales?’

Use Your Business Card

Business cards have been around since the 17th Century. They were once used to announce the arrival of aristocratic people. Now, they're used in business like party favors. When you meet someone, it's customary to share your business card with them. Make sure that your email address and your website are listed on them. This may seem like a no-brainer, but I’ve still gotten cards with no addresses on them.

Ask Your Friends to Comment on your Web Channels

We may be completely aware of what our friends and business contacts do for a living, but usually our involvement doesn't go any further than that. If you find that you're a person who mentions online things to your friends, tell them about the cool stuff that you've got on your website and as them to comment. As long as you don't do this too often, you should be good.

Develop Your Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch is used when someone asks you what you do for a living. Having an elevator pitch perfected will help you when you're talking offline with your peers and your clients, at conferences, and any time the question of what your business is comes up. It helps to be prepared, as you can parlay that curiosity into increased online sales.

Introduce People you know Offline Online

When you introduce your business contacts to other business contacts, you are setting up the reputation as being someone who knows people, and hence someone that people want to know. In other words, it makes you appear more valuable in your network's eyes. Every chance that you get to introduce someone, take it - as it also instills a measure of quid pro quo. This is what LinkedIn is all about. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, you’re missing out on a wealth of business contacts.

You can improve your online sales through offline means just as you can improve offline sales through online means. The most successful salesmen combine the two worlds and use their networks in both realms to feed off of one another and boost their overall sales. What are you doing in your offline world to increase your online sales?

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